9th Grade | Photography | Creative Script Writing

As a media teacher, I aim to instruct students on technology principles, but also to inspire a general love for learning as well. More specifically, as a multimedia producer I introduce students to a variety of communication processes that help articulate their ideas, not only presenting a repertoire of skills, but also tuning their critical listening and thinking. I believe I provide a space for students to feel safe and comfortable. I believe that this environment fosters students to achieve goals and encourages students to try their best every day.


BFA from VCU

MFA from American University

Other Certifications

Spanish, ESL, Art


Best Documentary Short at the DC Ind. Film Fest, Rosebud Film Fest



9th Grade | Drama | Oral Interpretation

CAP 9 Drama is both a laboratory and academic class in which students develop the skills and experience to engage in every facet of the theater and performance world. As a classroom community, CAP Drama promotes self-confidence and effective communication which contribute to success in any arena, on and off stage. In addition, the class fosters creative interpretation of texts, constructive critiquing, and original playwriting. Throughout the year, students hone their skills as actors, directors, producers, playwrights and informed audience members. They learn to be critical thinkers, to evaluate old and new performance styles, to articulate their own aesthetic, and to consider ways in which the performance world is impacted by, and contributes to, societal trends and values. CAP Drama culminates with the Inspirations Original Play Project in which students create and perform ten minute plays about a topic or social issue of choice.


MAT English and BA English/Theater from The State University of New York at Binghamton

Studio Acting Training from Bova Actors’ Studio, Michael Howard Studio, & Movement Research, New York City

Other Certifications

Advanced Professional Certificate in Theater-MCPS



9th Grade | English | Yearbook Advisor

My philosophy about teaching is that all children are educable. I like to sum up my approach as "I, We, You ... Do." I have a 32-year-old son named Raffi and two stepchildren, Arielle and Daniel. I have two dogs, three cats, eight chickens, and a husband, Jerry Roston (notice he's last-ha!).


PhD from The Ohio State University, Master's in Education from Boston University

BA in Politics and English from UNC-Chapel Hill

Other Certifications

Graduate Principal's Certification, UNC-G



9th & 12th Grades | Honors US History | Senior Seminar

The retelling and analysis of history and the social sciences connects students with the past and one another to each other by providing a common language that recognizes difference and subtlety. It is the teacher's duty to help mend those differences and subtleties within the perpetual patchwork of the human story. It is my hope that my students come away not only with strong analytical, reading and writing skills, but also a strong sense of self-worth and identity. These traits are critical if we are to foster a culture of responsibility and nourish young people's sense of investment in their community and the world around them. These goals are achievable when students are provided a fair and conducive learning atmosphere free of intimidation that promotes inclusion and stimulates the open exchange of ideas. I strive to create a learning environment where kids learn from the textbook and mini-lectures as well as through dance, debate, cooperative projects, art and performance.


BA from Goucher College (History Major, Economics Minor)

MA in Secondary Education with emphasis in Social Studies from George Washington University

Other Certifications

George Washington University- Certificate in Judaic Teaching

His Farm

Mr. Grossman is the owner of a local organic farm which recently won the Washington Gardener Silver Spring Tomato Tasting contest.

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10th Grade | Honors English 10

My love for philosophy, psychology, human development, and sociology often spills over into my lessons in English class. Whether it be analyzing how the Party controls its citizens in Oceania or developing a strong character arch in the short story unit, one important take away from English 10 is understanding, analyzing, and eventually capturing the human condition in literature. Beyond learning the intricacies of rhetoric, students also learn the art of communicating through advertising, oral delivery and body language, as well as visuals. I believe that critical thinking happens best when students are allowed to be creative and autonomous


BA in English Education from Washington Adventist University

MA in Human Development from University of Maryland, College Park

MA in Equity & Excellence in Education from McDaniel College

Other Certifications

National Board Certified Teacher; Career Lattice Lead Teacher; OAT I & II


2019 Recipient of The Board of Education Annual Distinguished Service in Public Education Award

Published in Dr. John Guthrie's Engaging Adolescent Readers in 2008

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10th & 12th Grades | CAP Journalism | Senior Seminar

In my newsroom, students will step into the role of journalist each day, honing their critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. In investigative teams, we will explore a variety of relevant stories from local, national, and global headlines.   We will read articles, listen to podcasts, analyze blogs, and view broadcasts/videos produced by diverse authors. As we study Journalistic standards, we will also examine the ever-evolving media landscape.  Media literacy, active listening, and empathetic discourse will guide our discussions as we analyze bias across the American political spectrum. In this project-based classroom, I will step into the role of facilitator, centering our learning on student-driven inquiry.  The ultimate goal is to put our learning to practice, producing a digital publication for our community.

When not teaching, you can find me rollerblading or sewing. 

B.A. Secondary Education/English, University of Maryland
M.A. Drama: Theatre Education, Catholic University   


English and Drama


Published in Teaching Theatre Journal: 

“Framing The Narrative: A Teacher-in-Role Strategy with Romeo and Juliet” Summer 2016, Vol. 24 No. 4
Co-Facilitator of MCPS English Professional Development Session: “Teaching Shakespeare to our Students”

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10th Grade | Media Literacy | TV Production

Early in my teaching career I started experimenting with using various forms of media and film with my middle school students in my English classes. When my district created a new middle school film production course titled, Lights, Camera, Literacy, I jumped at the chance to teach it. This new film course helped students learn key literacy concepts often discussed in their language arts classes, It was a powerful experience and set me on my current path of being a full-time film production teacher at Montgomery Blair High School.

Over the last four years my film students have won over $30,000 in the annual C-SPAN StudentCam Documentary Competition. I've presented at educational technology conferences about blogging with students, documentary filmmaking, and integrating social media into media and film programs. I'm also a drummer in multiple bands, and play shows in the US and sometimes get to tour across Europe. I've also created music videos for the following record labels: Riot Season, Editions Mego, and Diagonal Records.

I also supervise the school's advanced media program, Blair Network Communications (BNC) in which groups of students produce a daily morning news show called Infoflow and a 30-minute show, SilverLens, which runs across our county on public access TV.


BA from Southwest Texas State University

Teaching Certificate from San Diego State University

Other Certifications

Google Certified Teacher, Member of the National Writing Project


2017 S'Park Media Mentor Award from Ithaca University

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10th Grade | AP Government

I’m excited to bring my background knowledge of work in government and grassroots advocacy to my classroom in order to help build the future of public policy advocates. I try to facilitate a classroom that is alive with academic conversation about the issues that matter and to see the growth of young people that are passionate about public service. Particular highlights of CAP AP Government include Debates, House District Prediction, CAP Congress, CAP Court, POTUS, and, of course, the AP Government exam.


Union College (BA in Political Science)

NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service (MPA, Specializing in Public Policy)

University of Maryland (MCERT Program - MA in Secondary Social Studies Education) 

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11th Grade | AP Language and Composition

Teaching is a reciprocal process. Both the teacher and student stand to grow when both are active participants in learning. I do expect all of my students to mature as global citizens who are able to read and understand complex texts and respond articulately to a variety of audiences and purposes. We will take on the world, one essay at a time!


BA in English Writing from Mary Washington College

Masters in Secondary English from Trinity College

Other Certifications

Certification K-12 Administration and Supervision

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11th Grade | AP US World History

I'm fortunate to work with wonderful students in the Communication Arts Program. Their enthusiastic, cooperative and creative approach to learning is inspiring. I've always been a proponent of guided student inquiry and have found CAP students are willing and able to participate in that process. Students can be successful in an Advanced Placement course when the teacher provides clear expectations about what they are expected to learn and how they will be evaluated. One of the interesting aspects of teaching history is the extent to which ideas and concepts from the past transcend periodization. Fortunately, these ideas and concepts are explored in all three 11th grade CAP classes.


B. A. Political Science, M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction, both from University of Missouri, Columbia

Other Certifications

National Board Certified Teacher 2015, Social Studies 7 - 12


Maryland State Teacher of the Year, Social Studies 2001

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11th Grade | Junior Research Seminar

Questioning is the foundation of learning. Students are encouraged to develop and pursue questions they find meaningful. How do you know what you think you know? We start our journey there and weave our way through topics including technology, racism, politics, media, college and more. Within these areas, students are given great freedom to adopt and develop their own questions and tailor the learning to their own interests and curiosity. The seminar-style class allows for great freedom in what we decide to pursue and relies heavily on dialogue and research.


BA and Master's from University of Maryland, College Park


US Presidential Scholar Program's Teacher Award— 2011, Teacher of a UMD Phillip Merrill Presidential Scholar— 2017

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